My goal is to use grammatically correct structures.

WALT use grammatically correct structures.

  1. Complete this main idea chart.
Read the text and record key words/phrases that answer these questions:

Who? Grandpa Sid, Baron Von Spanner, Emma.
What? Grandpa Sid invented peace because Baron Von Spanner invented war.
Where? Grandpa Sids House
When? A few days
Why? Grandpa invented good things to make the world better
How? Grandpa wanted to make sure he could save the world, unlike Baron Von Spanner.

Summarise the text in 25 words:

  1. Complete the 2 ( or more that have been set for you) grammar activities on Details of login are on this image.  Login with your school google email and password.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 5.49.49 PM.png

Using Quill helps others and I to get correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Quill has taught me a lot about grammar, as before I started I wasn't doing half the grammar right.

Moment In Time Writing - Mirror In The Attic

Mirror In The Attic

Goal: I can use language that is suitable to the topic, audience and purpose. (Structure & Language)

Story Starter

I kneel down closer to the mysterious mirror, hoping to find something other than trouble. As I reach out for the mirror it suddenly makes a circular ball that feels like gel. I then find myself getting smaller the more I touch it, I stop touching it but I won’t stop shrinking. I’m scared, I’m terrified. I think I’m entering another world that doesn’t have mammals like me. All I see are animals, and I can see the animals haven’t seen anyone like me before. Doesn’t look like their tamed either.

It feels like every time I inhale the animals surround me even more, I’m standing in front of the mirror. I try touch it again to let me back in the world that I belong in, but it doesn’t work. This wasn’t planned. I look around this time more deeply into what’s around me. I feel like this world hasn’t been discovered yet as the animals are looking quite strangely at me.

All I can smell is the animal’s scents coming closer and closer I try to block my nose, but I just sneeze every time from the dust. I don’t like the smell of the animals, they aren’t like the ones that live with me, they're different.

I can hear the animals grunting at me as if I’m food, I think it’s hunting time here, and they don’t look happy. I can also hear the animals footsteps coming real close, they are nearly right next to me. What do I do?

I can taste the dusty dust particles still swirling around the air, it’s quite nice here, but it would be better without the angry animals. I can’t really taste that much as I had the day off school because I had a sore throat and that cold included me not tasting anything.

I finally try the mirror again. It works! Hurray! Maybe next time I should go to school and brave through the cold I have. That was an adventure of a lifetime.