Term One Writing

We are learning to:

·  recount an event that has happened to us

Success Criteria

·  In my writing I will have written two to three details about something I have done recently

Teacher Comment:

Claudia you have written 2 details in your story. Well done.

Term 2 Writing Recounting a recent event

We are learning to:

. give our reader a clearer picture by including adjectives in our recounts

. correctly place full stops and capital letters

Success Criteria:

· In my writing I will have included one or two adjectives

. In my writing I will have started a sentence with a capital letter and finished it with a full stop

Teacher Assessment:

Claudia you have included several interesting adjectives. You have given people's names in your recount capital letters. Some capitals are incorrectly placed.

Next Step

To add more information to the middle part of your writing before you finish off.

Term 2 Integrated Topic: Change

Assessment Task Completed at the start of the term and mid way:

Draw something that shows what you know about change

Teacher Comment:

Claudia you show a clear understanding of change in our environment 

Term 2 Maths: Statistics

We are learning to:

·       To find information and discuss information on a picture graph

Success Criteria:

·     We will be able to make one to two statements explaining the results we see on a picture graph

Claudia's Response:

"The car is the most popular"
"The bus one is the less popular"

Term 1 Visual Arts

We are learning to
  • create a self-portrait
  • talk about our own art work and art work created by others.

Success Criteria

  • I have drawn all my facial features like my eyes and mouth. All my facial features are the right size and shape and in the right place on my face.
  • I can reflect on the process I have used to create my self-portrait and discuss ideas about how I could make changes to my portrait to convey a different emotional response.

Student Assessment:

“I think I did great with headband and hair. Drawing my eyes and ears was tricky. Next time I would like to get better at drawing my school top.”