Adjectives and Nouns

WALT add adjectives to nouns.

The chicken ate the straw.

The chicken, brown and old, sat in the nesting box.

The bumble bee buzzed around.

The striped, black and yellow bumble bee buzzed round.

The bird was in the tree.

The bird, blue and pretty, sat in the tree.


Over the past couple of weeks we have been learning to write a explanation. The first one we did was a bike explanation but Mrs Baker said if we finish the bike explanation then we can do our own one . Did you know that for an explanation you can't put the word you and that for an explanation the title has to be a question??


Last week I showed resilience in reading because I finished a book called Riley Knows Best and it had 11 chapters!

Welcome Post

Welcome to  my learning blog for 2015. I will be adding posts by myself.