Alien Writing

My Alien Writing

Space Alien

This type of alien is a very happy and joyful alien. He looks like a 10 year old boy but only with 1 eye, he has anteni and a big cheeky smile. He is green but the tips of his anteni are purple. He lives on a planet called Jupiter, this is a perfect home for because he doesn’t require air to live!Jupiter and its shrunken Great ...

If you ever see a space alien don’t be scared they are joyful and happy they would never wanna hurt anyone so don’t ever freak out there friendly little aliens!

Mrs Twit.

Mrs Twit

Mrs Twit is a very ugly, hairy, and old. She was not always ugly but as she started when she started having ugly thoughts.She's always playing tricks on Mr Twit one of them was with her glass eyeball in his jug. He always gets her back like the frog in her bed. Every once a week they would have bird pie, once they were very angry when they went to collect their birds for bird pie they were all on top of the monkeys cage. So they put the stickiest glue in the world on top of the monkeys cage. When they came back after a few hours they saw no birds instead they were on the roof! So he decided to go buy a gun because he really loved his bird pie and without it he was very angry. In my opinion Mrs Twit is very silly and dumb because she thought she was upside down but she wasn’t until she put herself upside down. Whenever she makes bird pie she must be really hungry because she’s always in a hurry to make it.

Mrs Twit is a hairy and silly lady that likes eating bird pie.

Camp Writing!

WALT: Describe our feelings about camp.

S.C: The reader will enjoy reading my description and my ideas.

Woodend Camp      By Claudia.

I was really scared about going to camp but I don't know why, it was really fun and exciting at times. I thought camp was going to be so strict but it it was really fun. I think going to camp was a good choice although when trying to sleep it's hard because there are loads of people that have different times they go to bed. I think the activities on camp were organised well Whoever had the idea of going to the funniest camp ever (Woodend Camp) was the best idea ever.

 Camp Activities.

Orienteering: Orienteering is fun, but sometimes you can get lost in the forest so I would recommend a adult or teacher with you when you do this activity.
Shooting/Archery: Archery was very very for me  it was the first time. Shooting was quite funny because I made one of the ducks come back to life.
Climbing wall: The Climbing wall was a very scary activity, if you  scared of heights I don’t recommend this activity for you!!

Go Karts: The Go karts were fun because even though you get one turn only, you got three laps. You had to wear a helmet and wave flags it was really really fantastic and fun.
Team Building: Team building was a little nerve racking at first because we had to do climbing stuff and I didn't like climbing up the wall.


  1. I shot I duck back to life
  2. I made it halfway to the first climbing section
  3. Our team came 2nd in figure eight - With  18 seconds
  4. I actually got to sleep