Camp Writing!

WALT: Describe our feelings about camp.

S.C: The reader will enjoy reading my description and my ideas.

Woodend Camp      By Claudia.

I was really scared about going to camp but I don't know why, it was really fun and exciting at times. I thought camp was going to be so strict but it it was really fun. I think going to camp was a good choice although when trying to sleep it's hard because there are loads of people that have different times they go to bed. I think the activities on camp were organised well Whoever had the idea of going to the funniest camp ever (Woodend Camp) was the best idea ever.

 Camp Activities.

Orienteering: Orienteering is fun, but sometimes you can get lost in the forest so I would recommend a adult or teacher with you when you do this activity.
Shooting/Archery: Archery was very very for me  it was the first time. Shooting was quite funny because I made one of the ducks come back to life.
Climbing wall: The Climbing wall was a very scary activity, if you  scared of heights I don’t recommend this activity for you!!

Go Karts: The Go karts were fun because even though you get one turn only, you got three laps. You had to wear a helmet and wave flags it was really really fantastic and fun.
Team Building: Team building was a little nerve racking at first because we had to do climbing stuff and I didn't like climbing up the wall.


  1. I shot I duck back to life
  2. I made it halfway to the first climbing section
  3. Our team came 2nd in figure eight - With  18 seconds
  4. I actually got to sleep


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