Moment In Time Writing - Mirror In The Attic

Mirror In The Attic

Goal: I can use language that is suitable to the topic, audience and purpose. (Structure & Language)

Story Starter

I kneel down closer to the mysterious mirror, hoping to find something other than trouble. As I reach out for the mirror it suddenly makes a circular ball that feels like gel. I then find myself getting smaller the more I touch it, I stop touching it but I won’t stop shrinking. I’m scared, I’m terrified. I think I’m entering another world that doesn’t have mammals like me. All I see are animals, and I can see the animals haven’t seen anyone like me before. Doesn’t look like their tamed either.

It feels like every time I inhale the animals surround me even more, I’m standing in front of the mirror. I try touch it again to let me back in the world that I belong in, but it doesn’t work. This wasn’t planned. I look around this time more deeply into what’s around me. I feel like this world hasn’t been discovered yet as the animals are looking quite strangely at me.

All I can smell is the animal’s scents coming closer and closer I try to block my nose, but I just sneeze every time from the dust. I don’t like the smell of the animals, they aren’t like the ones that live with me, they're different.

I can hear the animals grunting at me as if I’m food, I think it’s hunting time here, and they don’t look happy. I can also hear the animals footsteps coming real close, they are nearly right next to me. What do I do?

I can taste the dusty dust particles still swirling around the air, it’s quite nice here, but it would be better without the angry animals. I can’t really taste that much as I had the day off school because I had a sore throat and that cold included me not tasting anything.

I finally try the mirror again. It works! Hurray! Maybe next time I should go to school and brave through the cold I have. That was an adventure of a lifetime.

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